Movie Time in Beverly Hills! ‘The Italian Key’ just won Best Foreign Film Award 2012 @Lady Film Makers Festival

The Italian Key - won Best Foreign Movie - photo: Tuomas Kantelinen (composer, produce and sahaja yogi), Rosa Karo (write-director and sahaja yogini) and actor Moose Ali Khan at the WGA (Writers Guild of America) in Beverly Hills to receive their awardto receive ,

Why are we so thrilled about this News?! The composer, producer, writer, director plus several actors are talented European .. sahaja yogis ; the movie was filmed in places with great positive vibrations, such as Cabella in Italy and the entire movie as delightful as it Really is, remains genuinely and profoundly spiritual.

More about the movie? Check the links below.

Movie Trailer @

(click!) Recommended by Embassy of Finland in USA

(click!) Movie News! “The Italian Key” -made by Yogis! – won “The Feel Good Movie Festival” in USA, 2011!

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6 Responses to “Movie Time in Beverly Hills! ‘The Italian Key’ just won Best Foreign Film Award 2012 @Lady Film Makers Festival”

  1. JSM,
    Great achievement !!!!!!!!!!congratulations…furthermore keep on doing like this.

  2. Shivangi says:

    Congratulations !!
    Where can we watch that movie?
    DVD available in Canada or US?

  3. Sudershan says:

    Just the beginning for sahaja yogis in this field. More awards to come in coming years. Congrats

  4. Priti says:

    Congratulations to our brothers and sisters for this great achievement. Wishing all the best and many many more awards in near future. We are very proud and happy. Thank-you
    Shri Mataji!

  5. Ayesha says:

    Hi I really wanna watch this movie and congratulation.

  6. kalieswari sundaram says:

    Congratulation. …….. It was a very good movie with full of vibrations. I watch it twice. God bless you all for a good movie.

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