Importance of Greece & France at Chakra/Subtle Energy (cosmic) level: Global meditation TODAY!

Today there are elections in France and in Greece. Let’s see how important these countries are in terms of subtle energy (chakra) level and how this planetary/cosmic interdependancy functions. Today, there is a global planetary meditation on the crown chakra (Sahasrara) initiated by sahaja yoga meditation and hundreds of thousands sahaja yogis are meditating meditate with the attention on these countries too. Please join us in meditation while absorbing the subtle pure knowledge (nirmal vidya in Sanskrit) shared in the following compilations from Shri Mataji’s Talks:

(click!) Greece & GreeksA Chakra Level Analysis & Goddess Athena-Kundalini

(click!) France & The Importance of Friendship

Two Friends - Little Sahaja Yogis friends at Cabella Yoga Meditation retreat and seminar

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